From the moment I walked in, this little guy was just happy and flirty with those long eye lashes. Learning to clap, say bye-bye, and even stand -- he showed me all his tricks! And big sister's big brown eyes are just so yummy to photograph.....she's just adorable and had the most fun telling me about her play horses and ballet class. Thank you for a fun shoot!
Baby's First Year, 7mo

Oh this precious boy...I could just eat up those blue, blue eyes! This is Paxon's second shoot with me and he was as surprised as we were this morning to feel how cool it was outside for his Spring photo session! Where's the heat? As you see in the first photo, it's like he's saying "what's up with this?!" And although we had lots of fun in between, the last photo there is one small tear and Paxon shook his head "no, no" as if saying -- I'm all done. So we listened and we stopped.

Oh the anticipation
What a cute couple! And so excited for their first little one to arrive...I am so proud of them for holding on to one of the greatest surprises life can give...not knowing the sex of their unborn child! I don't find that very often and I did the same thing in both of my pregnancies. It was such a special moment when the doctor presented my baby to me and said "It's a boy!" Congratulations and best wishes for your birth day.
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That's my Ava...

TA-DA! "We did it! We did it! We did it, Hurray!" as Dora the Explorer says. My little Missy, Missy decided she wanted to put on a dress and get some pictures today. Once we started, she didn't want to stop. It was a great time to mark some milestones as she had a big week last week...turned two and a half, officially potty trained and gave up passies! I love her squinty smile and pouty stare with those big brown eyes...