Baby Boy, Derek...

You just can't forget how cuddly and lovable this little guy is...6 months passes quickly and now he's rolling, teething and growing so strong. He was such a trooper today for his two hour shoot. Just smiled, cooed, played, laughed....although he wasn't too crazy about the outdoors. It was a little windy!

Gracie in the park...

Two years old and leading the pack! Gracie knew just where she wanted to go in the park today, what she wanted to do and when she was going to ham it up and smile big. Precious...and what a fun way to spend a spring day!

Love those Grandkids...

Holy Family Church auction winner and grandmother of four is the proud owner of these four cutie-pies. We all knew that a shoot with four under 4 years old would be a circus -- and they didn't let us down. It was a silly, singing, dancing, playful shoot that these four cousins will cherish for years.

Here's Harper!

This little twinkle toes is only 6 months old and crawling!! She is bright eyed and on the move. What a fun shoot we had with all the fun colors in her home.

Sweet Maggie

just turning one year old! She has such a "mature" look about her. I just loved her smile with those teeth and big brown eyes. Her brother played a huge supporting role by laughing as hard as he could -- which in turn made Maggie laugh, too!